Telwin Advance 227 DC-Lift TIG Welder

Telwin sets even more advanced technological standards with the Advance 227 TIG MV/PFC DC-LIFT VRD welding machine!

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Telwin sets even more advanced technological standards with the Advance 227 TIG MV/PFC DC-LIFT VRD welding machine!

With this new inverter model by Telwin it is possible to weld in any conditions, even when the job requires the use of long extensions, connection to motorgenerators or highly unstable power supply networks.

As evidence of the extreme flexibility of use, this welding machine guarantees high performances with domestic absorptions and improves the user's safety when working in damp environments (e.g. mines, shipyards,

etc...) thanks to the new VRD device.


Advance 227 TIG MV/PFC DC-LIFT VRD is the new MMA and TIG electrode inverter welding machine, the result of an innovative engineering project on inverter technology applied to welding.

Equipped with MV/PFC (Multivoltage/Power Factor Correction), the performance remains at top levels with all power supply voltages in the 100V ÷ 240V range.


Main features:

Wide range of input voltages. 100V÷240V

Operation with overvoltage and undervoltage.

Use despite unstable voltages (e.g. Motorgenerators).

Low power absorption – home connection.

FUSE 10A(230V)

FUSE 16A(115V)

Use of long extension cords. Up to 100m

VRD safety device for use in damp environments.

Digital Panel, adjustable arc force and hot start.


Even in the toughest welding operations, the MV/PFC device guarantees optimum control of the welding arc (Arc Force, Hot-Start, Anti Stick

devices) for professional work on Steel, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron with various types of electrode (Basic, Rutile, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron), allowing also TIG welding with scratch strike.

The inverter has an advanced VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) device that reduces the output voltage to a safe level when the welding machine is on but not in a welding condition, guaranteeing the safety of the operator, who can touch the electrode without risks until welding operations are resumed (safety in damp environments).



Input Voltage 100-240v Single phase

Welding output:

10-130amp up to 120volt input

10-200amp up to 240volt input

200amp @ 30 duty cycle

110v Max Generator size 5Kw

240v Max Generator Size 8Kw


Weldable electrodes 1.6-4mm

Supplied with accessory and leads pack

No PLUG Fitted


Parts Number 852048

Size 385 x 150 x 265

Weight 7kg

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Brand Telwin