How to TIG Weld Welding Course - 10th December 2020

1 Day, How to TIG Weld Course at our Telford based welding school

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1 Day, How to TIG Weld Course.

This one day course at our Telford Based Welding School will cover the following: 

Theory and Practical on Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG)

 • Safety In Welding, what PPE is required & why.

• What is TIG Welding

• Why is TIG used and the applications it is suitable for.

• Setting up of a TIG Welder

• Working with various Material

• Troubleshooting Welds

• Technique and how to use the torch

• Producing Fillet & Butt Welds

• Material Preparation

• Advice on applications.


During the course you will use various types of welding equipment including the Inverter TIG Welders. You will receive instruction on a various range of material thicknesses with the goal of covering the basic principles of TIG welding and setting you on the right path to ensure you get the best results you can, this a is a course designed to show the basics of TIG welding and get you heading in the right direction.

The course will focus on the welding of Mild Steel plate, our trainer will work with trainees on other materials such as Stainless Steel and Aluminium in both Pipe and Plate, if there skill develops to a suitable standard.

For more advance training on other materials and types of joints, please consider booking another day on our Basic TIG Welding Course, call or e-mail our office for details.

The course is held from 9.00am to 4.00pm (12.00-1.00pm Lunch Break)

(A maximum of 4 people will be on each course)


For all Training courses we ask that all trainees now provide their own PPE. For hygiene reasons we no longer provide PPE to be used during training.

For all welding courses you will require a suitable Welding Helmet (Airfed if possible), suitable Welding Gauntlets, Fire Retardant Boilersuit or a Leather Welders Jacket or Welding Apron and suitable footwear.

If you don't have suitable PPE a full range is available to purchase when booking your course for collection from store on your training day or can be purchased on the day from our showroom.

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