AC-90 will penetrate and release rusty and/or jammed components.

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AC-90 will penetrate and release rusty and/or jammed components. AC-90 does not contain Silicone or CFC's, it cleanly lubricates and restores smooth, silent operation to hinges, locks castors, drawer runners and curtain tracks stopping sticking and squeaking. AC-90 cleans all metals and removes bloom from enamel surfaces such as fridges, cookers and stainless steel sinks.

AC-90 removes dirt, grime, lime scale, crayon marks, chewing gum and adhesives; degreases and leaves an anti-rust protective film. AC-90 is ideal for protecting metal components during storage or manufacture. AC-90 does not conduct electricity within the normal range found in home or industry. AC-90 is the perfect multipurpose lubricant cleaner formulation for all around the workshop, garage and factory.


  • Displaces moisture and eliminates damp induced faults
  • Lubricates moving parts to keep them working smoothly and efficiently
  • Rapidly penetrates and releases seized parts and fasteners
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Cleans surfaces effectively, removing greases, heavy oils, waxes and more
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Available as NSF H1 registration for use in the food and beverage sector


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