Fein RS 10-70E Tube Polisher Starter Set

Handy, compact pipe sander for stainless steel pipes with a diameter of up to Ø 45 mm.

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FEIN high-power motor for constant speed even when loaded.
Optimum belt speeds for effective use of various grinding, fleece and polishing belts.
Extremely easy to use - grinding arm can be swivelled, tool-free belt installation and adjustment.
Automatic belt adjustment.
Perfect belt guidance.
Clasping angle of up to 180°.
Infinitely variable speed, ideal for protecting sensitive surfaces.
Soft start.
Restart protection. H 07 industrial cable.
Comprehensive range of accessories available.
Price Includes:
1 pipe sander RS 10-70 E in plastic tool case
10 each of grinding belts (grit 120, 180)
5 fleece belts (fine)

 Technical Data
Input800 W
Output550 W
Speed, no load2 500-7 000 rpm
Belt speed3,5-11 m/sec
Minimum wall clearance50 mm

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