GRIT GXR Pipe Notching Module

Notch Grinding Unit for precision fitting of pipes, profiles, and flat materials.
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N.B : Price includes:
1 contact Roller Dia 42.4mm
1 contact roller dia 48.3mm
I grinding belt 75 x 2250 (K 36 R)
Pipes sized Ø 16 - 75 mm and an attack angle of 30° to 90° can be ground to a perfect fit with the pipe notching module. The extensive GRIT contact roller selection reliably covers all usual pipe diameters Grinding exact radii on pipes is a question of the right machine: By attaching the GXR module, a GX 75 2H basic unit belt grinder converts into a professional radii grinding machine in just a few steps - standard-equipped with depth stop, traverse carriage, and quick-clamping. Grinding down for precision fitting becomes so easy - and much more user-friendly. It makes no difference whether pipes, profiles, or solid material is being ground - the radii grinding module GXR is optimally suited for that. And that is a standard feature: for example with a traverse carriage that is precisely and quickly set to the required angle as well as a vice with stainless steel clamping jaws and unique fast clamping*. That guarantees precise and sure grinding. (* patent applied for)


(For use with GX752H)

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