Oerlikon Fincord M 4.0mm MMA Welding Electrodes W000287219

4.0mm E6013 Mild Steel welding electrode. 5.1kg packet

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Oerlikon Fincord M 6013 Welding Electrodes.

4.0mm x 450mm

85 Pieces



Features and Applications

Oerlikon Fincord M is a rtile medium coated MMA electrode for a wide variety of mild steel fabrication applications. It has exceptional overall operability and welder appeal, resulting in high quality weld deposits.

Excellent in the overhead position and for fillet welding in horizontal-vertical position.

Ideal for light constructional work including pipework.

Smooth metal transfer, low spatter and self-relasing slag. Smooth weld bead appearance. Operates om low circuit voltage, good welding propeteries on AC, DC- and DC+.



EN ISO 2560-A: E 38 0 R 12

AWS a5.1: E 6013

**Test certificates are available on request**


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