Oxyturbo Oxyplus Brazing Kit With Microtorch (585340)

Oxyturbo Brazing Kit in carry case. A powerful anti-flaring brazing torch to reach 1960°C with 2 Maxy Gas Cylinders

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Oxyturbo Oxyplus Brazing Kit with Microtorch

A small, light and ergonomic mircotorch with piezo ignition and special anti-flaring burner which enables the use upside down after 15 seconds from ignition. The torch can be connected to either Maxy Gas Cylinder or Map Gas Cylinder. Reaches 1960°C with Maxy Gas Cylinders and 2010°C with a MAP Gas Cylinders.(Map Gas Cylinders not included)

Kit incudes:

  • Multi-purpose Torch
  • 2 Maxy Gas Cylinders
  • Adaptor 7/16" to CGA600 (For use with Map Gas Cylinders)
  • Storage Case
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