TIG Welding Filler Rods Mixed Pack of 100

Mixed Pack of TIG Welding Rods.

Pack of 100.

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Mixed Pack of TIG Welding Rods.

A mixed pack of TIG rods offers the benefit of versatility and convenience by providing a variety of rod types in one package. This means you can have different options on hand for various welding projects without the need to bulk buy one type of rod. Whether you need different materials or sizes, a mixed pack of TIG rods allows you to have the right rod for the job without the hassle of purchasing multiple packs.

Pack includes:

  • x20 Mild Steel 2.4mm A15 - A copper-coated triple de-oxidised mild steel rod which enables sound, porosity free welds to be made on mild and low-alloy steels. Typical applications include pipe welding and root runs on heavy vessels.
  • x20 1.6mm aluminium -Suitable for welding forged and cast aluminium-manganese/aluminium-magnesium components and dissimilar aluminium alloy grades with a max of 5% MG - Perfect for plate, pipe, tube, and component welding.
  • x20 2.4mm aluminium - as above
  • x20 1.6mm stainless steel (308L) -Perfect for TIG welding low carbon austenitic stainless steel grades. The welded material provides protection against general and intergranular corrosion up to 350°C. Widely utilized in industries such as shipbuilding, offshore engineering, pressure vessels, construction, and beyond.
  • x20 2.4mm stainless steel (308L) - as above

Packed in a 650mm Long plastic tube.

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