Co2 Disposable Gas Cylinder & Regulator Package

 2 x CO2 disposable gas cylinders, suitable for most portable MIG welding machines. 1 x Twin gauge regulator for disposable cylinders

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MANT-CO2 x 2 / OXY-225200 X 1


Package includes two cylinders and a twin gauge regulator showing contents and gas flow in LPM.

Disposable Co2 gas bottles are ideal for those situations where you don't use a lot of gas but need to have it for a particular job, or people who don't want to be tied into a gas contract. Ideal for taking on site for small odd jobs.

Cylinder Details

Co2 disposable gas bottles are suitable for most portable MIG welding machines. Co2 gas bottles are a handy, cost effective alternative to stationary industrial size gas cylinders.

2.2Ltr Cylinders offers up to 55 minutes of welding time at 4Ltr/Min (gas flow rate)or 30minutes use at 6ltr/Min.

Most important factor when using the disposable gas bottles is to set the gas flow to the bare minimum, to obtain the maximum gas usage & welding time.

  • Volume: 2,2 Litres
  • Content: 1000gr.
  • Dimension (mm): Diam. 102 x Length 300
  • Weight/Tare (gr): 1745
  • Material: Steel P355NB EN 10120
  • Valve: Uni EN 10297 - UNI EN 13340
  • Non Refillable Gas Bottle: EN 12205 TPED

Regulator Details

Twin gauge

Inlet Pressure 150 bar

Outlet pressure 4 bar

Standard delivery flow <1m3/h

Connection M10x1Rh

Reliable and safe, fitted with a relief valve which ensures safe venting of pressures

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