Telwin Technomig 215 Dual Synergic

Telwin 220 amp 230v multi-process MIG/TIG/MMA welder with MIG accessories

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220 amp multi-process (MIG/TIG/MMA) welding machine with MIG accessories. Synergic control allows easy machine set up and control in all welding processes. MIG/MAG process offers both Gas and gasless welding and also Mig Brazing. Lift tig is ideal for all stainless and mild steel applications. MMA welding up to 3.2mm electrodes in both mild and stainless steel. Ideal for small to medium workshops and mobile welders and maintenance and installation engineers.

Features include
- Compact and light (22KG without wire)
- Compatible with 5KG spool of wire
- Microprocessor controlled MIG-MAG/FLUX/Brazing, DC Lift TIG and MMA welding
- Fast synergic adjustment to welding parameters through Telwin ‘ONE TOUCH’ technology
- Intelligent and automatic Arc control
- Manual setting adjustment to suit welders style and technique
- ONE TOUCH LCD graphic display allows better reading of welding parameters, voltage, current and welding wire speed
- Advanced Thermal control
- 17 different synergy curves
- Regulation of wire feed upslope (soft start)
- Burn back timer and post gas
- Spot welding operation
- Generator safe (Over and Under voltage protection) (9 KVA required)
- Thermal cut out

Technical data
- 230v input (16 amp)
- 1 year warranty
- 20-220A welding current range
- Duty Cycle  180A @ 20%
                      100A @ 60%
- IP23 electrical protection

Supplied with
- MB15 3m mig torch
- 0.6/0.8 steel roller
- 3m Return lead
- Ar/Co2 Regulator

Optional extras
- Tig welding kit
- MMA welding kit
- Various roller options for different diameters and welding wire


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